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Cabinets and Interior Design and Materials, Kelowna

From drab to FAB! - before and after kitchen remodel

showcasing space planning, expert design, custom cabinets, materials selection and project management

Oak cabinets with poor work zones, too many entrances, a penninsula eating bar, crowded and dark counters

The remodel process started with repairs needed to flooring, then counter and backsplash. This is often how remodels begin..

Striped down, small relocations of venting and plumbing. Found an existing window frame right where we needed it ~ above the sink!

   Relocated closet from left to right side, closed off additional entrance and reallocated the refrigerator within the work zone.

Knotty Alder cabinets with generous work zones, spacious and illuminated counter areas.

Large Corian Farm Front sink and smaller prep sink in island

Relocated pantry storage with a secondary preparation zone with preparation sink houses a comfortable eating bar to visit with the cook

A beautiful focal point upon entering this elegant and function country kitchen.

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